MicrobrewsOur approach to brewing is as much art as it is science. We strive to craft beers that our local customers enjoy while staying true to the traditional flavors of each unique brew. Our beers are hand-crafted on-site and made from all natural ingredients – absolutely no preservatives – with only the finest barley malts, cereal grains, hops, yeast and West Virginia spring water.

We offer many styles of beer from Belgian ales and Czech pilsners to British porters and light American lagers. We recommend trying them all by ordering a sampler of all of our microbrews. Please feel free to ask your server if you have questions about the specific brews you choose.

Roedy’s Red
Our flagship brew, Roedy’s Red is a classic American amber with bold hop and malt characteristics. Traditional two-row and caramel malts create its unique body while Warrior and Amarillo hops give personality to its aroma and finish. This amber ale has won state-wide competitions including several People’s Choice Awards.

Dawk’s Classic Porter
Dark, rich and frothy, Dawk’s Classic Porter is by far our heartiest brew. Roasted chocolate and black patent malts create the ominous ebony color which dominates this beer.

Northern Light (NET Light)
Our lightest brew is a crisp golden ale that refreshes and satisfies most beer lovers. Light in body but full in taste, this brew utilizes the finest American two-row barley and Washington state hops. Try one with our famous NET burger.

Berry Wheat
Berry wheat is a light, fruity beer with a refreshing blend of wheat berries and local West Virginia blackberries.

West Virginia Wheat
West Virginia Wheat is a refreshing, light-bodied all American wheat.

5-Way IPA
This aggressively hopped American IPA is a blend of five select American malts and five unique American hops. Bold maltiness and a refreshing citrus finish form the distinct flavor that is one of West Virginia’s favorite IPAs.