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Our Brewing Philosophy

Our approach to brewing is as much art as it is science.

We strive to craft beers that our local customers enjoy while staying true to the traditional flavors of each unique brew.

Our beers are hand-crafted on-site and made from all natural ingredients – absolutely no preservatives – with only the finest barley malts, cereal grains, hops, yeast and West Virginia spring water.

We offer many types of beer from Belgian and Saison style ales to American ales and West Coast style IPAs. We recommend trying them all by ordering a sampler of all of our craft brews. Please feel free to ask your server if you have questions about the specific brews you choose.

Our Line Up of Craft Brews

  • Roedy’s Red
  • 5-Way IPA
  • Dawk’s Porter
  • Northern Light
  • WV Wheat
  • Berry Wheat